Andrew McGoveran

Hi! I'm Andrew. I'm a software developer who loves music, sports, and building on the web.

About me

I am a software developer from Ottawa, Ontario. I have worked at Shopify for six years, helping build the admin interfaces that millions of entrepreneurs use to build their business. I have had the chance to work in a variety of areas, ranging from online store themes, to inventory management, and now subscriptions.

Aside from programming, I love playing and listening to music. I studied music in university, and have recently been getting back into playing guitar. It's a great way to get into a creative flow state.

I am a big sports fan, and have had the misfortune of rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs for my whole life. Maybe this is the year? I also love baseball, riding my bike around Ottawa, and visiting local coffee shops.

Feel free to say hi over on Twitter!